Protocols by Elaine Esthetics

We from Elaine Esthetic offer some of the best products for your daily care! Also, while here, check out some of our protocols and procedures, we are sure you gonna love it! Feel free to contact us and book your appointment now!

Protocols by Elaine Esthetics

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SlimEms is a real revolution: The first and only treatment that increases, strengthens muscles and burns fat! Get rid of unwanted fat and tone your body to get the look you've always wanted.

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Gold Eraser

É um tratamento que envolve pequenas agulhas de ouro que penetram na pele de forma automática Age contra flacidez Cicatrizes de acne Cicatrizes hipertroficas Fechamento de poros Aumento de até 400% colágeno

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Zero Flaccid

Esse protocolo poderoso permite reduzir a gordura em áreas localizadas, estimular o colágeno, remodelar o corpo e tratar rugas faciais, colo e pescoço.

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Spa Ion

The treatment and its benefits, such as: improved circulation; decreased stress, anxiety and insomnia; improvement of the immune system; control of menopausal symptoms and poor digestion; acceleration of metabolism; decreased fluid retention; reduction of headaches; and improved skin luster.

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SOS Body

In addition to modeling the body and improving appearance in regions where women often accumulate fat, such as buttocks, arms and waist, it also allows them to break down localized fat. The main objectives of those who use this technique are: reduce measures and improve circulation. The massage mobilizes the tissues so that there is a better metabolic exchange between them, helping to reduce the swelling that the patient feels in the abdominal area. This is possible because the massages activate the blood and lymphatic circulation, besides, accelerate the elimination of toxins.

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is a noninvasive technique that uses pressurizing guns to bring active principles into the dermis or subcutaneous tissue. Indicated for treatment of melasma, cellulite, chin, body and facial flaccidity, capillary therapy, rejuvenation, hydrolipoclasy and lipoenzymatic.

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The ReduxSculpting

The ReduxSculpting fat freezing procedure is a leading treatment in non-surgical fat reduction. It uses controlled cooling to eliminate sturdy fat, which is difficult to treat even with diet and exercise. So now we can help you achieve your ideal look.

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The Cellutox method combines technologies such as ultracavitation, which in addition to generating cavitation of fat cells, brings the thixotropic effect, transforming the fibrous tissue into a gelatinous tissue, making it easier to remodel. Another feature used is the massage roller The main benefits are activation of blood circulation, increased oxygenation and cellular nutrition, release of toxins accumulated in the tissue, improvement of peristalsis (intestinal movements), breakage of lipolytic nodules (localized fat), aid in the reduction of measures, reduction of edema (water retention), facilitation of the permeation of active principles and maintenance of reduced measures .. In addition to the therapies mentioned, we use other technologies to treat the different degrees of cellulite and its characteristics.

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Brazilian Butt Up

Brazilian Butt up is another revolutionary method of our spa. The protocol associates muscle strengthening and remodeling of tissues, skin and fat layer, creating a uniform appearance, toning and lifting the glutes. Women can undergo treatment and elevate the butt and self-esteem. After completion of the method, the effect can be maintained through physical activities that potentiate the results achieved.

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