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Multi Collagen Protein

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Multi Collagen Protein is a collagen protein supplement that has amazing benefits for skin, hair, nail, joint and digestion health. A TRUE ALLY OF BEAUTY AND SKIN HEALTH! 😍

- With just 2 Scoop daily you will get amazing 20 grams of collagen protein and can enjoy amazing benefits like:

- Improves your joints

- Firmer and longer nails

- Strong, silky hair

- Firm, smooth skin

Strengthens bones, tendons and cartilage

- Aids digestion

- Helps with deeper sleep

Restores muscle mass

Wide variety of collagen sources to provide the most comprehensive collagen supplement routine you can enjoy daily. Includes all types I, II, III, V and X from grass-fed cattle, chicken bones, eggs and marine sources such as arica, cod and pollock.

Ingredients: vitamin C, collagen types I, II, III, V and X from multiple sources and hyaluronic acid.

This collagen powder mixes into hot or cold beverages, including juices, coffee, tea, soups and smoothies, or into foods.

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