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Eye lift

Requests for soft and non-aggressive blepharoplasty to rejuvenate the appearance of the eyes are continually increasing because patients often struggle aesthetically with ageing eyelids. As it generates a very precise and fine (1 mm2) plasma jet, which vaporizes specific cutaneous cells, it is perfectly adapted to the treatment of the area around the eye, which is the most delicate and most fragile part of the face. There is no danger for the eyes and surrounding tissue. It is the only device which operates using direct current. The application of direct current for a brief time generates a local depolarization. This depolarization induces an opening of the ion channels present in the cell membranes which modifies the way in which the electrical charges are distributed on either side of the cell membrane. The membrane potential (or electrical tension) of senescent cells in the skin is restored. The skin gradually becomes firmer where the wrinkles and cutaneous sagging had previously become established. It reactivates the local fibroblasts, thus increasing synthesis of elastic fibers and collagens by heat transfer in the dermis.

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